What are the main challenges that Brazil faces to prevent threats in the cybersecurity field, such as cyber attacks? Who are the social actors with a key role in this theme? How can they work together to mitigate existing risks? The search for answers to these questions encouraged the Igarapé Institute to systematize, analyze and gather the existing knowledge on Brazil’s cybersecurity governance landscape.


The Brazilian Cybersecurity Portal gathers analyzes, research, norms and other documents on national cybersecurity. Thus, it intends to strengthen the skills for a collective action by the civil society, the academic community, the public authorities and the private sector in order to build a more secure, cooperative, resilient and sustainable digital environment.


The Brazilian cybersecurity ecosystem is composed of actors from different sectors, such as civil society, military, technical community, academia, government and private sector. However, their roles in cybersecurity and spaces for cooperation are still under construction.


In the diagram below it is possible to navigate the plurality of institutions that integrate this national cybersecurity governance ecosystem. We present the complex field in which these actors, as well as their sectoral policies and guidelines, are positioned.

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National defense
National security
Action against cybercrimes
Public policy
Critical Infrastructures
Technical Community
Civil society
Banking and Financ. sector
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